Resilience Project Begins Tomorrow

Resilience Project Begins Tomorrow @ Orange Coast Memorial Health and Wellness Pavilion

Orange County, Southern California, is considered a hub for people of Vietnam heritage internationally, and Little Saigon ranks as one of the special attractions which put Westminster city on the map. Yet some of the families locally have not adapted harmoniously and the high rate of teen suicide testifies to the stresses on the Asian American young people.
Our focus group on June 24th highlighted the need for positive coping skills and enhanced family communications. PVNF is moving to introduce Project Resilience to develop protective factors and peer support within the new group called the “#Not-I” youth.

This summer PVNF is launching a campaign to build resilience and promote coping skills in young people of Vietnamese heritage, in order to stop the rising tide of Depression and Suicide in teenagers and students.

The upcoming workshop consist of 5 sessions of workshop to help young people reach goals efficiently and be supportive to others. The next session is this Saturday, June 14th at 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. This session is limited to 30 individuals between the age range of 16-25 years old., please ask them RSVP ASAP.

Register For Training Group – 30 Registrants Only

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