Getting Involved in Resilience Project

Getting Involved in Resilience Project

by Vivan LeDuc | UC Berkley Student

When I was growing up, writing became my only solace during times of struggle. When the pressure of being the perfect student—perfect child—proved too much to handle, there was nothing that a pen, paper, and willing mind couldn’t fix.  All obstacles considered, I was still one of the lucky ones—I had a healthy of coping. We all know that others are not as fortunate to possess ways to cultivate mental wellness.

This is primarily why getting involved within the community, with projects such as Project Resilience, is beneficial and necessary for the well being of not only our communities, but ourselves as well. In addition to gaining significant team-building strategies, we will also learn to recognize the signs of mental illness and be given the adequate tools to project our inner strength. It is not until we are actively involved that we can learn to help ourselves.

And it is not until we learn how to help ourselves that we can learn to help those whom we love.


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